Top 6 Essential Video How To Automatically Update Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 8 on Lenovo – Solved

You can set this to Medium or below to save a few extra frames, but expect things to appear jankier. Post-Processing, Shadows, Effects and Foliage simply aren’t needed at high settings as they’re more for show than anything else. Setting them all to Very Low will save you some serious FPS.

As above, it is generally good practice to keep this number as low as possible without compromising game quality. See the section on CPU optimization below for guidance on how to do this. GPU is often limited by fillrate or memory bandwidth.Lower the display resolution and run the game. If a lower display resolution makes the game run faster, you may be limited by fillrate on the GPU.

Insights Into Effortless Driver Updater Advice

Although finding that magical sweet-spot of optimal settings first-time around isn’t easy, it’s well worth making this effort. At this by point it’s really not news to say that PUBG is a rather poorly optimised game, regardless of whether you’re playing on Xbox One or on the game’s original PC home. Although we’ve seen incremental improvements to the game over time, it feels like there’s a long way to go before we get to enjoy the kind of velvety-smooth gameplay we really want. What you need to tweak in-game if you want to achieve the best FPS performance.

Motion Blur only makes things a little bit prettier and makes action more cinematic. Unfortunately it tanks performance pretty hard, so turn it off to save yourself some hefty FPS. Again, your Foliage setting depends on how powerful your PC is.

For more tips on improving performance while creating Assets in 3D applications outside of Unity, see Modeling characters for optimal performance. Situations that are very heavy in areas such as scripting, physics, animation, but not rendering, don’t benefit from using this API. Your application’s visuals might stutter with minimal impact on power usage. Use OnDemandRendering to improve CPU performance by controlling your application’s rendering speed. lights in the Forward rendering path, there are situations where combining objects may not make sense.

  • Try running GeForce Experience and updating your drivers.
  • When it askes for Express or Cusom installation, do Custom then check Clean Installation.
  • "Microsoft Basic Render Driver" is the basic driver it will give when it Realtek drivers doesn’t know what card it is.
  • If they’re updated, uninstall both of your graphics drivers from the device manager, then install with GeForce Experience.
  • Intel’s service will compete with Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, which tweaks game settings for laptops and PCs, and also allows users to capture and share videos.

As you’re almost certainly aware, this setting governs how many trees, shrubs, grass and the like are rendered in the world. Turn it up to High and you’ll be met with a greater density of shrubbery but it can tank your FPS. Stick between Medium-Very Low for the best performance. Anti-Aliasing affects how jagged textures appear on the screen. Setting this to High or above will make everything in general look a bit smoother.

Examining Effective Driver Support Plans

See the Lighting performance section below to learn how to manage this. Note that combining two objects which don’t share a material does not give you any performance increase at all. The most common reason for requiring multiple materials is that two meshes don’t share the same textures; to optimize CPU performance, ensure that any objects you combine share the same textures. This could be in skinned meshes, cloth simulation, particles, or other game objects and meshes.

As PUBG progresses with each major patch, we’ll make sure to keep updating this guide for those of you who are determined to chase ever-improving optimal performance from PUBG. It’s also worth knowing if your rig is capable of keeping up with PUBG’s recommended and minimum specs as this’ll determine whether you can crank some settings up, or leave them nice and low. Changing this to Off will stop the game from loading a 3D model of your character when opening up your inventory. It’s completely unnecessary, so it’s worth turning this off just to boost your inventory loading speeds. Every little counts when it comes to staying tuned into the game after all.

SIM is solely your frametime, which is tied directly to your FPS. While the tickrate is indeed tied to framerate, this is only a concern under 64fps. All the SIM value tells you is your current frametime , 300fps being 3.3ms, 250fps being 4ms, etc. The goal of optimization is not to have the lowest frametime but rather to make spikes and stutter in this frametime disappear.